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Not just a tree, but a healthy and beautiful tree that arouses the Christmas spirit!
FB icon Like us on FaceBook Located north of Centerville, PA and southwest of Spartansburg, PA on Britton Run Road South - just less than a mile from route 77
Dad In 1949, my father, James Love and his father, Jessie, started Love's Christmas Tree Farm, a business of quality, plantation grown Christmas trees and nursery stock. Their goal was to provide the healthiest, quality grown Christmas trees and nursery stock available.
Having been raised in tree farming, and having studied forestry, I decided to bring the business back to life after it had been retired in 1997. With the two original farm locations and a few hand tools, I got started in the year 2000. Today, I continue my forefather's quest to provide the healthiest plantation grown Christmas trees.
Develop your family traditions ...
We want to help families create their own Christmas traditions and family memories by providing a beautiful and safe location to walk amongst nature and observe it's many wonders. We encourage all to come and visit the farm year round and bring your camera.
Norway Spruce
Fraser Fir
Bird Nest Campsite
Blue Spruce
Mushroom Cone Flower
Bee Hives

We now have a small gift shop - a precursor to a full size building in our future...

Fun for the whole family:
walking trails   Fun Family
  • Walking trails
  • Cut-outs for pictures
  • Free Hot Chocolate during the Christmas season
  • Warming fire
  • And family photo opportunities everywhere!
Our Future Plans:
  • Horse drawn sleigh rides
  • Hay rides
  • A large gift shop featuring:
snowman bucket   New gifts
    • Top quality decorations
    • Unique gifts
    • Custom handmade & decorated wreathes


Proud members of the following organizations:
PAForSpace Bees
Updated: 10/2018

We open for the 2018 Christmas Season Saturday November 24th!
with evening hours and lighting!

We cut fresh trees each week to be sold under our lighted tent.

We will close at noon - Friday 21 December (we will stay open on the 17th & 18th of Dec.)
10:00 AM
to 5:00 PM
to 8:00 PM
to 8:00 PM

to 9:00 PM

10:00 AM
to 9:00 PM

We strive to keep our prices low - We offer the following species:

Fraser Fir $8.50/Ft. - Canaan Fir, Balsam Fir, White Fir, Blue Spruce, Serbian Spruce $6.50/Ft. - Norway Spruce, White Spruce $5.00/Ft.


Don't forget about the 20% off Ornament that Ernest the elf hides in our trees! Find this ornament and bring it when you pay for any tree you choose.



Our farm is a natural environment with various natural impediments such as; stumps, animal borrows, and slippery areas during cold weather to name a few.

Please wear proper walking shoes or boots and walk carefully while you enjoy the farm.

Customer Parking
Although we are not open all year round - we do encourage you to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the farm - we do suggest you call first to make sure the farm is accessible.
Cut Out 2

We start selling the trees when they are 5 feet tall - prices vary with the species but range from $5.00/foot to $8.50/foot Our prices include the Pennsylvania 6% sales tax. When measuring tree height, 2" are allotted for a "fresh cut" should you decide not to set up your tree immediately. We accept cash, personal checks (name, address, driver's license, & phone) and occasionally Visa (depending on data reception - which unfortunately is sporadic).

If you choose – we will bale your tree for free. Baling helps to protect your tree during transport. Properly securing the tree to your vehicle is your responsibility! Be sure to bring proper and ample materials (rope, straps, etc.) for your tree. We cannot supply these items. Should you have a long distance to drive, we recommend that you also wrap your tree in a tarp to protect it from the drying effects of the wind.

Candy Canes

HOT CHOCOLATE! We offer free hot chocolate with a purchase. So bring the young, and the young at heart - enjoy the farm and enjoy some hot chocolate around a warming fire.

We provide the following flavors (depending on supplies); Chocolate Supreme, Artic White, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Cinnamon, Chocolate French Vanilla, & Hot Spiced Cider

Hot Chocolate
77 Sign

Driver Responsibility

winter Canaan
Fraser Fir

Sales Tent

  • Local - Real Maple Syrup
  • Over the door wreath hangers
  • In-ground wreath holders
  • Walking Trails
  • Cut-outs for family pictures

We Offer

A small gift shop now &
we plan a larger shop in the future

  • Fresh Healthy Trees
  • Fresh hand-made wreaths
  • Bundles of Branches
  • Free Hot Chocolate!
  • Warming fire
Honey Wreath W Hangers Advent Maple Syrup
Book Lifetime Center Piece Wreath Stand Bundles
glass tree woodcut


pickle santasticks
Dont' Forget your Camera!

Choose the right tree for your family ...
To ensure a long lasting Christmas tree ...
* Make a fresh cut on the trunk as you set the tree up
* Keep the tree stand reservoir full of water
* Don't place the tree near any heat source or vent
* Don't use large / warm lights

Fraser Fir Abies fraseri

Grows naturally only at elevations above 4,500 feet in the Southern Appalachian Mountains from southwest Virginia, through western North Carolina, and into eastern Tennessee. A number of stands occur in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Its highest native habitat is Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina (6,684 feet). The needles have a dark green to dark blue green color on top and a bluish gray or silver underside. Fraser fir has become the most popular Christmas tree species because of it form, needle retention, dark blue-green color and pleasant scent.

Fraser sm

Canaan Fir Abies balsamea var. phanerolpis

Found widely within the Canaan Valley of northeastern West Virginia, this tree is a genetic variation of traditional Balsam Fir. Some speculate that this tree was the result of an ancient cross between Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir. Native also to Pennsylvania and New York, its range extends as far north as Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia. Its needles tend to be about one inch in length, and vary in color. Its foliage, however, can often retain the bottlebrush appearance of Fraser Fir. It's popularity as a Christmas tree is steadily growing.

Canaan sm

Balsam Fir Abies balsamea

Found throughout much of the Canadian boreal forest and remote parts of northern New England, this fir was the first plantation-grown Christmas tree in the Northeast. Its needles are about three-quarters of an inch in length, soft, dark green with a distinctive "balsam" aroma. Balsam Fir has sturdy branching and excellent needle retention.


White Fir Abies concolor (AKA Concolor Fir)

Native to the western United States. Needles are blue-gray to grayish-green with pale bluish bands beneath, usually 1 1/2 to 2 inches long and slightly curled. This fir has good foliage color, a pleasing natural shape and aroma (citrus), and good needle retention.
A possible solution for people with tree allergies.

Whitefir sm

Douglas Fir Pseudotsuga menziesii

Its native range is the Rocky & Cascade Mountain range of America’s west. A beautiful tree with soft and fragrant needles approximately 1 inch in length – it is very similar to other fir trees in appearance however, this is not really a fir tree but in the Pine family.

image not yet available
image not yet available

Serbian Spruce Picea omorika

"Graceful" describes this tree - it makes me think of an old fashion traditional Christmas. Branches are thin and arching, needles are half to three-quarters of an inch in length. Foliage is dark green to blue green on top and the underside is bluish white to silver.

Serbian sm

Norway Spruce Picea abies

Native to the Baltic forests of northern Europe, this tree has shiny, dark green foliage with needles about one-half inch in length. The rich foliage of this spruce can exhibit good needle retention with proper care.

Norway sm

White Spruce Picea glauca

Native range spans the entire width of northern North America. Needles are a delicate, blue-green color, about one-half inch in length. Given proper care this tree can exhibit good needle retention. Its excellent form and color make it an exceptional Christmas tree.

whitespr sm
white spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce Picea pungens

Native to the (U.S.) Rocky Mountain Region, needles (and tree) are stout, about three-quarters of an inch in length; color can vary from dark green to indigo blue. Sturdy branching and good needle retention make it a desirable Christmas tree but care must be taken when decorating because of the stout needles.

CB Spr

Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris

Also known as Scotch pine, it is native to Europe. It was one of the first plantation-grown Christmas trees in the United States. Needles are light green to blue-green in color and two to three inches in length. Its conical shape, excellent color, and needle retention made it the Christmas tree of choice for many years.

scot sm
scots lg

Our telephone number:
(814) 564-0577
Our E-mail:
Our FaceBook page:
Mailing address: PO Box 601 Titusville, PA 16354

Have a GPS? Type in: 21959 Britton Run Road, Spartansburg, PA 16404

This is NOT our mailing address

Open and print these maps for your convenience ... Detail MapxxxxLocal Area Map
Detail Map xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocal Area Map
NW Pennsylvania Area Map

The Britton Run Area is the Lancaster County of Western Pennsylvania ...

Come enjoy the Western Dutch Country ...

Spartansburg / Britton Run Area

There is a large Amish community in this area with many assorted venues such as; Farmer’s Markets featuring fresh fruits & vegetables, Hand-made quilts, Hand-made picnic tables, Real Maple syrup, Hand-made out door furniture, and Quality Hand-made oak dinning room & bedroom furniture. At this time the community does not feel that it is within their ways to promote their individual venues on a web site, (which I will respect). But if you ask me I’ll do my best to direct you to their locations.

Dutch Treat Restaurant
339 Main Street, Spartansburg, PA 16434 (814) 654-7228

Open Monday - Saturday 6AM - 8 PM
Family style food & homemade pies
Dutch Treat Restaurant


East Branch Rails to Trails
A paved 3.1 mile bike trail located just off Main street in Spartansburg - just past the Dutch Treat parking lot

I Believe in Santa Claus
131 Water Street, Spartansburg, PA. 16434

We make house calls, children's parties, organization parties, and photo shoots! Call early for your reservations as dates get booked fast! Contact: Carlos & Marlene Shambaugh

I Believe in Santa XXXXI Believe in Santa Web site


Christmas in Spartansburg - (generally the first weekend in Dec.)

Christmas in Spartansburg is an annual community wide celebration. Events and activities occur throughout this quaint community. It's a great way to begin December!

Christmas in Spartansburg

Firth Maple Products
Route 77, Britton Run, PA (814) 654-7265

Real Maple Syrup & Maple Syrup Products!

Firth Maple Products


Jacob Hochsteller's Maple Syrup
Dorn Road, Centerville, PA

Love's Christmas Tree Farm is proud to offer this natural and "hand crafted" pure Maple Syrup!

Sweetland of Quilts
44263 State Hwy 77, Spartansburg, PA 16434 (814) 654-7436

Sharon Sweetland is an award winning quilter!

Sweetland Quilts


Hatchtown Road Cheese
20550 Hatchtown Road, Spartansburg, PA. 16434
(814) 654-7657

Hatchtown Road Cheese

Titusville Area

Drake Well Museum
202 Museum Lane, Titusville, PA. 16354 (814) 827-2797

The birthplace of the Modern Petroleum Industry - August 27, 1859

Drake Well

Drakes Well

OC&T Rail Road and the Caboose Motel
407 South Perry Street, Titusville, PA
(The Caboose Motel is across from the OC&T Station)

You'll travel back into time as you travel the valley that changed the world ...

OC&T RR (814) 676-1733 XXXX OC&T RR
Caboose Motel (800) 827-0690 XXXX Caboose Motel


Wholesale - Only Premium & #1 Trees are tagged for sale

To request pricing information ...
use the form below, call (814) 564-0577, or stop by the farm
  • No orders less than 50 trees
  • Prices are FOB my plantation in US dollars
  • No order is valid unless a 25% deposit is placed at the time of order, balance in CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK due prior to loading
  • Trees are cut ONLY after a deposited order is received
  • Prices cover size measurement from ground to leader tip as sheared
  • Stock offered is subject to damage between order and ship dates. All orders are made with the understanding that I shall not be liable in the event of crop loss, or damages from causes over which I have no control
  • My liability ceases on count and condition when trees leave the plantation site. If breakage occurs or if stock suffers through delay in transit, claims should be made to the transportation company
  • All trees are cut and baled - ready for loading unless otherwise specified.
  • Tax exemption certificates must be on file in our office prior to pick up or PA State tax will be applied
Adobe Acrobat Reader required for these files
Download the PA "Tax Exemption" and "Pricing Request" files. These documents may be filled out on the computer or printed and scanned - then send the forms to us via e-mail of surface mail

Love's Christmas Tree Farm
William Love
180 Willard NE
Warren, OH 44483




Your Dream Home or Weekend Get-a-way

ALH Logo

Pre - Planned & Custom Log Homes

The Great American Log Home

Call for an appointment: (814) 564-0577

What is included with an American Log Home? We prefer to ship only the materials not available locally. Our approach to this topic is that the customer can actually save money by negotiating with a local building supply company for all these conventional materials such as windows, doors, roofing, etc. This also saves shipping charges for transporting these readily available materials from our plant to your construction site.

You can alter the interior layout of an existing design, and most often with no additional cost to you.

Our homes are all cut from native southern yellow pine and kiln dried. They are uniform in size to eliminate water or snow ledges on the outer walls, and to allow flexibility in finishing the interior walls. All logs are 8 inches thick.

It’s your choice of log finish; round both sides, flat both sides, or outside round with inside flat

ALH page